Tips For Choosing Modest Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing flattering, modest and tasteful bridesmaid dresses can be a challenge for you. Some brides may like elegant bridesmaid dresses for religious reasons, rules coordinate with your wedding theme, or even your own taste and values. Elegant and modest bridesmaid dresses are suitable for various weddings from informal to formal.

There are some basics rules for choosing modest bridesmaid dresses. While personal guidelines regarding modesty may vary, most modest dresses will cover the knees, back, upper chest and, in some instances, the upper arms. These dresses may have a crewneck, V-neck or scoop neck, but will not be low cut or reveal cleavage. A cap sleeve, short sleeve or 3/4-sleeve is appropriate, but a sleeveless dress may also meet many modesty standards if worn with a cardigan or wrap.

Some retailers produce bridesmaids dresses and gowns designed specifically for a modest clientele. Many of these offer affordable dresses, often in fabrics and colors similar to those used by major bridal wear manufacturers. If you need dresses that meet more significant modesty requirements, for instance, those common in the Church of Christ of Latter-Day Saints, specialty retailers are more likely to meet your needs and may be able to adapt dresses to special requirements. While some more formal styles are available, these dresses are often cocktail length, coming to just below the knee. They typically have a high neckline, sleeves and a full-coverage back but incorporate details, such as pleating, ruching and lace, common to more mainstream retailers.

One of the most affordable options for bridesmaids who prefer modest dresses is to opt for modest dresses not intended for the bridal market, but sold through a department store or a boutique catering to a

more modest clientele. While these may not be formal enough for an evening wedding, a dressy day dress or simple and modest cocktail dress is a fashionable and tasteful option for a daytime or garden wedding. Consider floral dresses with coordinating sweaters for a casual garden wedding or simple lace dresses in pastel shades for a summer ceremony. Retro styles, with full, below-the-knee skirts and high necklines may also meet modesty standards. Opting for department store dresses works especially well if you are planning on mismatched bridesmaids dresses, connected with a color scheme or theme.

Finding the right bridesmaid dresses associated with your wedding theme which are also modest is not an easy job. But it is your big day and every bride wants a perfect wedding, so time is worth spending, I believe every bride can make it.

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Dress Beautifully For Outdoor Wedding Occasions

Quite a lot of brides prefer outdoor weddings rather than indoor's, as there is more beautiful scenery to see, no matter it is a beach wedding or a garden wedding. So if you are invited to an outdoor wedding, achieving a look that works best with the setting and still remains a little dressy. Overall, it is all about finding the right pieces which should be both comfortable and work well with this special day!

When ladies are dressing for a beach wedding, there's a lot to consider. Many classic looks won't work in this outdoor environment. A nice sundress with a tea length hemline or longer looks polished when accessorized with distinctive jewelry like a statement necklace. Because it can often get windy at the beach, dressy pants are another option for female guests. An ankle length, slim cotton twill trouser or long, linen pant with a wide leg looks lovely with a soft silk or chiffon blouse. Forgo the stiletto heels for a flat sandal or comfortable wedge to keep you stable while you walk through sand.

Attending a botanical garden wedding means there's a chance you could be trudging through dirt, mud and lots of grass. This is one outdoor setting that might still require cocktail wear, so be sure to check the invitation before choosing an outfit -- especially if its an evening ceremony. For a casual garden wedding, separates are a great way to balance comfort and style. Ladies can create a romantic look with a full circle skirt at knee or tea length, paired with an embellished blouse or lightweight T-shirt and sparkling jewelry. Don't bother with pumps -- your heels will sink right into the ground. Instead, try a sweet ballet flat or wedge heel with a flat base.

Whether it's a beach, botanical garden or backyard wedding, men's guest attire is easy. For a daytime wedding outdoors, a short-sleeved polo or button-down shirt looks nice paired with slacks such as chinos. Make sure shirttails are tucked in and trousers are accessorized with a simple brown or black leather belt. The same look works for evening weddings outdoors -- just bring a light blazer or sport coat in case it gets chilly after dark. Dress shoes are not necessary, especially for beach weddings, and could actually get damaged. Try loafers or boat shoes you can easily remove to shake out the sand or dirt. Business casual is a good benchmark for men invited to outdoor weddings.

Overall, differen outdoor weddings may require different outfits which should work well with the wedding settings, be clear about the wedding location, dress elegantly and beautifully for this special day.

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Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival-eDressit Opening Show

Dress Appropriately For Formals

We need to wear formal attire for weddings, proms and many other special occasions. The time of the day and the context of the event decide what should wear to a formal event. Black tie and white tie can be the most popular categories. Formal attire means black bow tie for men and an evening gown or very smart cocktail dress for women.

Black tie or "dinner jacket" is slightly less formal than white tie. It requires women to wear dressy cocktail dress or tea-length dress. Jewelry choice should be still the best a woman owns, and shoes should be appropriate to the dress. When dancing is a part of the event, a woman should choose a dress that will allow for this; a skintight gown might not be the best option if a woman does not feel comfortable moving in it.

While men are expected to wear a standard tuxedo consisting of a black short coat or dinner jacket and matching black pants, usually with a stripe of black satin down the outside seam. A white dress shirt with a plain or pleated front and a wing or turndown collar should be worn, along with black cummerbund or evening waistcoat. As the name would suggest, a black bow tie is also required; a white pocket square can also be added. Shoes should also be black, usually in patent leather.

For women, the appropriate accompaniment to white tie formal attire is the ball gown. Depending on the event, it may be inappropriate to wear a gown that does not cover the shoulders. Although a ball gown is most appropriate, the strict requirements have relaxed somewhat, and a floor-length evening dress is often acceptable. Cocktail or tea-length dresses are really not suitable.

A man is expected to wear a black tailcoat with black trousers with a stripe of black satin down the outside seam and white suspenders. Under the tailcoat, he should wear a stiff fronted white shirt with a wing collar, white bow tie, and white waistcoat. Shoes should be black patent leather.

Overall, for most formal events, some variations on the standard white/black tie options are possible. The national costume of the wearer's country may be worn to white tie occasions, when specified. Military mess dress may also be worn to most formal events. Heads of state and other government officials may wear additional accessories, such as sashes or medals. During the summer, a white dinner jacket can be worn for a black tie event in warm climates.

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Shanghai International Fashion Culture Festival -eDressit Opening Show

Themed with “Fashion With Love”, eDressit was invited to attend the Shanghai fashion culture festival on March 16,2015.This is not only a fashion show, but more about a brand’s social responsibility for charity.

eDressit fashion opening show is both a visual feast and a perfect combination for fashion and charity.Twenty six models stand for 26 countries which provide fashion jewelries for auction, the donations will all be used for charity.

The show presents five color schemes, they are pink, green, black, red and blue. Each color represents a particular identity for the five continents of the world.

Pink stands for Asia, expressing the elegance of the oriental women

Green for Europe, which takes the idea of hope and rebirth

Black for Africa, which means the unique power owned by the African women

Red for America,which symbolizes their passion and enthusiasm

Blue is for Oceania, which explains its unique feminine charm

eDressit was also invited to participate lots of international fashion activities, like Shanghai Fashion Week, Luxury In China Summit and so on. This show actually means more as an international welfare activity, as a popular fashion brand, eDressit shows its social responsibility in a quite expressive way!

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How To Pick Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Big Day

Beautifully decked out bridesmaids make your wedding ceremony complete and perfect! Fashion and beautiful bridesmaid dresses are a must for any wedding.

Getting the perfect bridesmaid dresses can be challenging unless you have proper details about the shopping places, bargain offers or latest trends. The very best source to get inexpensive bridesmaids dress is through online offers; there are lots of websites who may offer really low prices for their dresses; searching online and have cheap bridesmaid dresses by deciding on the perfect design you like and also affordable.

When you are planning for the upcoming wedding, the color scheme for the wedding is quite important to settle on. Your bridesmaid dresses should generally stick to the color scheme. Here are some guidelines when choosing the color for the bridesmaid dresses.

If it’s a spring or summer wedding, choose light colors or pastels. Pink bridesmaid dresses and purple bridesmaid dresses are good choices. In case your wedding is going to be held in the autumn or winter, apply for darker colors like black bridesmaid dresses or grey bridesmaid dresses.

Personal Style
Bright colors are probably not too flattering on the full figured woman. Colors which are too dark might wash the skin color of girls with pale complexions.

For garden weddings in fall, apply for earth or neutral colors such as orange, brown, green or gold bridesmaid dresses. For any beach wedding, you are able to choose something that goes with the color of sand, for example the blue bridesmaid dresses.

Ask your bridesmaids for their preference. Should you already have a color in mind, request their feedback. You are able to adjust each bridesmaid dresses based on their preference as you can lighten or darken their dress a little.


Who Can Be Your Best Bridesmaids

Choosing the bridesmaids for your big day is not as easy as how it looks. In order to make sure everything goes very well on your big day, you have to take every detail into serious considerations. There are some issues that need to be addressed. Read on to get tips for choosing the right bridesmaids for your big day.

First, personality issues need to considered. If your sister and a friend that you would like to serve as one of your bridesmaids do not exactly get along, asking both to be bridesmaids may prove awkward. While most people assume that loved ones will be able to manage such conflicts for the duration of one special day, you need to determine whether or not this is true of the people you have in mind. You don't want to risk spoiling one of the most important days of your life due to unresolved differences between your bridesmaids.

You will also need to make sure that the people you choose as bridesmaids are available and willing to stand up in your wedding. Sometimes things like logistics, previous obligations, or expenses play a role and keep people who would otherwise love to accommodate you from doing so. If you are able to help with expenses or sort through other issues, you might be able to come to a mutually satisfactory conclusion. If not, you may need to ask someone else.

In addition, consider your own comfort level and that of your groom. It is best to avoid asking anyone that makes your beloved uncomfortable, since it is his day too. As far as your own comfort is concerned, don't let anyone manipulate you into asking her or someone else to be a bridesmaid if you'd rather not. For example, if your mother-in-law-to-be insists that you ask her daughter, find a way to politely decline if the idea makes you uncomfortable. If you and your sister-in-law are not particularly close, inform her mother that you have already asked long time friends and your own family members to be bridesmaids.

Choose bridesmaids that will able to help you with last minute details and those that will make you feel most at ease. Surrounding yourself with those closest to you is the surest way to make sure your wedding is the magical day you want it to be.

The above tips may help you to select the right bridesmaids for your big day. The best bridesmaids will make you feel most at ease, and they will surround you all day to help you with last minute details. With these lovely bridesmaids, you are sure to have a wonderful and successful wedding day.

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In Which Season You Wanna Get Married

Each wedding season has its own unique identity. You can express the colors of the season in your wedding theme. In fact, it is an excellent way to select a wedding theme that is a depiction of colors of the season. Different seasons have different  charms. Every bride wants her wedding to be nothing short of beautiful. Nothing is more perfect than blend the wedding color with the tones of the season.
You can always find a perfect color from seasonal wedding theme.


For many couples, spring is the best time to get married. As spring is the symbol of new life, it seems that this is the perfect season to start a new chapter in your life. The flowers are in bloom, and there are pretty pops of color everywhere.  The chance of dreaded rain on your wedding day is lessened too!  One of the best things about spring is that all of the flowers are in bloom. This means that you have a great variety of choice when it comes to choosing flora. You also have a large variety to choose your bridesmaid dresses, pink bridesmaid dresses will be perfect for your spring wedding theme.


Summer is the time to get creative with color. The scorching heat of the summer months can be depicted in your chosen theme. Opt for warm reds, royal blue and citrus tones. Zesty limes, oranges and yellows do not look out of place in a summer wedding. What’s more, you can add bright, funky flowers to your day. Sunflowers look simply stunning when tied together with a pretty, chiffon bow.


The air is getting cooler, and the colors are changing in the wild outdoors. You need not despair on what colors to incorporate into your big day. In fact, it’s fun to use autumnal colors in your wedding. Think earthy tones. Olive greens, deep burgundies and navy blues for a fitting tribute to the change in the seasons.  Crunchy leaves should be your inspiration. Think about choosing purple bridesmaid dresses for your Autumn wedding.

It goes without saying that winter is not the most popular time to get married. But imagine a wintry backdrop on your wedding photos. This will look romantic and mysterious.

So in which season you wanna get married? But every season does have its own identity and charm, Integrating your wedding color with the season is a great idea to decide your wedding theme.


What Should Bridesmaids Do Before&During The Wedding

It may be an honor to serve as a bridesmaid for a wedding. But it is never easy to be a bridesmaid. Bridesmaids should take some responsibilities both during and before the wedding. Bridesmaids are expected to do something to help the bride and other members of the wedding party. Before you decide to be a maid of honor, you'd better learn a few tips about what you are going to do. 

Many individuals believe serving as a bridesmaid simply requires giving time and support to the bride. This is a misconception, as being a bridesmaid can be quite costly. Bridesmaid responsibilities include paying for wedding attire. This may include a bridesmaid gown and shoes, chosen by the bride, and any required accessories. In some cases, bridesmaids may also incur the costs of having their hair professionally styled and their nails manicured according to the brides wishes.

Before the wedding, bridesmaid responsibilities include running errands for the bride and assisting with making or choosing favors for the wedding reception. Bridesmaids may also be called on for help with making table decorations. Bridesmaid responsibilities also include helping the maid of honor with planning, hosting, and paying for a bridal shower. Bridesmaids are expected to attend pre-wedding parties, wedding rehearsals, and a rehearsal dinner as well.

At the wedding, bridesmaid responsibilities include walking in the processional and recessional. In some weddings, bridesmaids walk single file. In others, they walk in pairs or escorted by an usher. During the ceremony, bridesmaids stand near the bride. Bridesmaids are also included in formal photographs taken of the wedding party.

These may be the basic responsibilities for the bridesmaids, but the details may vary according to different formalities of a wedding. Apart from the responsibilities you should take, you should also feel honorable and enjoy the time on this special day!

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Stunning Dresses Take You From Day To Night

When looking for womens day dresses, stick to polished and pared down styles. Think simple sheath dresses or modern shifts. Making the transition from day to night should be as simple as switching your accessories or adding a dab of lipstick.
Finding dresses that can transition from day to night is a smart way to get more bang for your buck. Day to night dresses are a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

One option for taking your outfit from day to night is with a structured little champagne dress. During the day it can look quite neat and polished, but add a bit of bling on at night and it can make for quite the dazzling outfit. This jacquard dress features an eye-catching embroidery detail at the front. And the sheer on the top and the right dress hem adds a sexy touch!

Refresh your wardrobe with a bold color-blue. This lace blue dress features lace details with boat neck and short sleeves. The skirt is made of high quality Taffeta fabric, expressing your elegance to the largest extent. Accessorizing it with a chic necklace and a quality handbag will definitely complete a stunning look.

Another option is a color block dress. This green dress with black lace is a stylish option. The relaxed cut of this dress makes it casual enough for wearing during the daytime but the simplicity of the design also makes it a stylish option for the evening. Keep your accessories simple during the day and then pop on some dangly statement earrings at night.

What do you think of these womens day dresses? There may be one that you like. Don't forget to accessorize them with some stunning but matching jewels!
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