What Not to Wear on Graduation Party

Deciding what to wear for graduation requires more than merely picking up your cap and gown and making sure you put on the tassel correctly. You have to choose something to wear under the academic garb, too, and while it may not seem important, you don't want to wear something that's so uncomfortable you can't enjoy yourself.

What you end up wearing will ultimately depend on your personal taste and the style of the time, but no matter the trend, here are a few things you probably don't want to be wearing once "Pomp and Circumstance" starts playing.
Uncomfortable Shoes
True, treating yourself to a new (and cute!) pair of shoes might be the special splurge you feel you deserve after your years of hard work in school. But you'll likely be on your feet most, if not all, of the day.

If you want a pair of shoes to help you stand out, go for bright colors that your friends and family can see beneath your graduation gown. Comfort, however, should definitely take priority; you don't want to be hobbling around with blistered feet on a day when you feel like jumping for joy.

Shoes collections here for your graduation party if you need. Of course, you can search more.
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Shoes You've Never Worn Before

If you are going to buy some new shoes for graduation, make sure you wear them before graduation day. Even if they feel comfortable at first, wear them around your room or apartment for a bit. That way, you can stretch them out and make sure they really are comfortable.

Clothes That Are Inappropriate for the Weather

If you're going to be graduating outside in 100-degree weather, dress appropriately. You don't want to faint from heat exhaustion or wear something that will show sweat (you'll probably take pictures without the academic dress, too). Be smart about what the weather is and how you need to dress.

Clothes That Are Too Formal or Not Formal Enough

Wearing jeans to your college graduation probably isn't a smart choice, but a ball gown isn't quite right, either. Aim for business or business casual for the ceremony. That means a nice dress, nice pants, nice shirt/blouse, and nice shoes. You can consider some online store graduation dresses.

Day time is for school and past, the night time is for yourself and future. So, you can wear something different at night graduation parties. Just as the following shows.
long sleeves prom dresses
Clothes That Won't Look Good in Pictures

If you aren't sure what style to pick, going for a classic and classy look is always wise. You don't, after all, want to look back at your graduation photo and wince at your wardrobe choice. Pick something that looks nice, looks professional and will represent you well over the years.

Anything That Is Inappropriate or Might Get You in Trouble

You're still a college student, after all, which means that any poor decisions you make about what to wear can lead to some serious consequences. Wearing clothing with an offensive slogan or putting an offensive or inappropriate message on your graduation cap might seem amusing to you — but not to the administration. After everything you've done to earn your degree, don't sabotage your chance to celebrate it.

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Popular Trendy Prom Dresses Styles You Should Know


Tips to Choose an Evening Dress

That how to select an evening dress is a common topic for us to talk about. It depents on not only the knowledge you have known about fashion, also the dress trend (like: Popular Trendy Prom Dresses Styles You Should Know), but also the degree that you know your own body figure. See these tips if you are still confused about how to select a right evening dress.
long sleeves light blue lace top prom dress

Bring a friend or two along when you are trying on dresses. It is always better to get two or three opinions on such an important purchase.

On the other hand, you may want the dress to be a surprise. Or, your friends may have a completely different style to you. Instead take your mom with you or even your sister (if she is close to your age or older than you).

Whether it is a formal prom or more casual will affect the type of dress you should wear. Keep this in mind.

Choose colors that match your skin tone.
If getting your dress made, make sure the tailor is one with a good reputation.
If you put on your dress before doing hair and makeup, then drape a towel or put on a button up shirt over your dress to prevent makeup smudges and accidents with food, drink, makeup, hair spray, little brothers, etc.

If the prom issues of fashion and teen magazines have not come out by the time you are ready to start your search, check out some online stores and prom planning sites for ideas. They often have much more information than the typical print magazine and fewer advertisements to wade through.
popular products online:
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Popular Trendy Prom Dresses Styles You Should Know

As time goes by, the biggest change in prom dress is to highlight the fashion or historical elements gradually. These two extreme factors have been perfectly integrated into the wearings now by the great designers. You can choose to be a fashion darling, or you can choose to highlight the classical beauty of women. But don't just choose the exact dress according to your own eyes, as you may wear an outdated dress to party, which will cause embarrassing situations. Therefore, knowing more fashion elements and dress designs will be a great help to your choice.

Here, see some popular prom dress styles and elements recommendations:

The first: mix two colors
With a different colored top, cape or waist ribbon, these dresses can be impressive and fashionable. Two pieces dresses are included.

The common color combination is such as white-black, beige-black, black-gold, black-red, blue-pink, white-blue(pink/coral/purple). You can try to buy this kind of dresses.
White & Black Chiffon Lace Blouse Suit Dress
Elegant Velvet&Print Straps Evening Dress Prom Gown
Sexy Lace Applique Tulle Long Train Party Dress

Second: sequin sheath dresses
Dresses with sequins, beads are popular. They are shinning and noble at formal occasions. Many celebrities worn such dresses at red carpet. In nowadays market, sequin dresses are designed into diverse styles too. Colors are mostly black, gold, silver, red, burgundy, blue, fuchsia, beige, green.
The above dresses are stunning, but expensive too. So, see some ready sequin prom dresses, of course affordable for us to buy.
 Burgundy Sweetheart Sequins Dress with High Slit Skirt
Halter Neck Black Sequins Prom Evening Dress
Elegant Deep V-Cut Green-silver Sequins Party Dress
Off Shoulder Sequins Party Evening Dress
Sparkly Long Sleeves Sequin Night Dress Ball Gown
2019 New Sequins Silver-Blue Party Evening Dress
Green Sequins Long Sleeves Slit Ball Gown Dress
Sexy V-Neck Shiny long Sleeve Party Evening Dress
Elegant Deep V-Cut Burgundy-Gold Sequins Party Dress
 Deep V-Cut Burgundy-Gold Sequins Party Dress
Now we can know sequin sheath dresses are sexy and charming. If you love this feeling, you can have one and wear it to your black-tie or evening events.

The third: fairy and classic princess dresses
Princess skirt or classic vintage dresses are emerging in fashion field. You can follow it and make yourself a princess. I think, this is a good news to many ladies. So, you can choose such style dresses at ease.

To be a princess, you have many choices. Make your dress skirt mermaid, luxury ball type or with puffy skirt. Classic features of these dresses are bright colors, flowy skirt or with vintage and female elements, such as mermaid skirt, fairy cape, long puffy sleeves, etc. These dresses will make you more girlish and more female, lovely. Do you love such dresses? See more princess dresses in the following.
Beaded Lace Prom Carpet Formal Dress
Sexy Strapless Embroidery Women Party formal Gown
New Fashion Gold-Brown Shiny Formal Evening Dress
Red Sweetheart Pleated Formal Party Ball Dress
Sparkly Navy Blue Beaded Lace Prom Gown
Pink Deep V -Cut Straps Elegant Party Ball Dress
Red Long Sleeves Embroidery Prom Dress
Blue Corset Sweetheart Pleated formal Party Ball Dress
Aqua Blue Beaded Red Carpet Formal Dress
High Neck Long Sleeves Embroidery Party Prom Dress
Green Graduation/Senior/Quinceanera Ball Gown Prom Dress
Pink Off Shoulder Floral Lace Party Ball Dress
Blue-Grey V-Cut Floral Puffy Party Ball Evening Dress
Elegant Blush Lace Appliques Princess Evening Dress
Light Blue Off-Shoulder Lace Applique Tulle Party Prom Dress
Water-Green Off Shoulder Embroidery Party Prom Ball Gown
Elegant Long Tulle Bride Evening Prom Dress
Blue OFF Shoulder Embroidery Prom Evening Dress
Orange Elegant Long Tulle Bride Wedding Dress
New V-Cut Pink Embroidery Tulle Prom Evening Dress
Noble Gold Cape Top Long Train Party Prom Dress
Floral Corset Long Bridesmaid Party Ball Dress
Beige Beaded Homecoming Long Lace Prom Dress
Sexy Cap Sleeves Ruffle Skirt Party Ball Dress
Sexy Corset Puffy Skirt Long Train Prom Dress
Strapless Blue Beaded Embroidery Evening Dress
Black Deep V-Cut Long Tulle Party Ball Gown
Sexy Strapless Blue&White Evening Dress Party Gown

Choose the right dress for your occasion and body figure.

Hope you this article can help you find the very fashion dress you love when you have a need.