Floral Dresses Highlight Your Femininity

Beautiful floral evening dresses are special for party. With flowers added on the dress, you can be more attractive and outstanding, as flowers are the symbols of beauty and temperament that will surely make you stunning. Enjoy these floral evening dresses in the following:

Vintage Strapless Embroidered Beige Ball Gown

With the flowers on bodice, waist and skirt, the dress is simple elegant and fashion. It is amazing to show women's personality. So, have it in your wardrobe for vintage and formal parties.

One Shoulder Embroidered Blue Evening Dress

This blue dress has a special exotic fashion sense that contains gorgeousness and craze. Exquisite details are what can show your infinite noble sense. This hot style is great for any occasion whether it’s for prom, homecoming or evens as a guest of wedding dress. Features of this dress includes a flowing sash, illusion embroidered design, and beautiful ruffles covering the whole dress.

Illusion Sweetheart Neck Two Piece black prom dress
This breathtaking black dress will have you turning heads at your prom. With its on-trend two-piece style, this dress is an absolute must-have! Other design features include the beaded lace applique decoration together with chic Polka Dot accent. This dress is a perfect state-making choice for any special occasion!

Floral One Shoulder Red Evening Dress
Add much sense of liveliness with this red floral one shoulder evening dress online. It is also a bridesmaid dress to make the wedding unique. The bold color and the modest design can express your elegance in a best way!

Off Shoulder Black Tea Length Dress Party Dress
For a touch of sassy meets sophistication you'll adore this vintage tea length dress - a totally chic addition to your party wardrobe. Features include a small v cut on the neck, off shoulder style together with a flower embroidery on the skirt. Use the petticoat to adds a more flattering look.

These floral dresses are super in everything. So, what's your decision?


Five Easy Tips on How to Dress for A Wedding

To be honest, many times people worry more about their attire for attending a wedding than they should. It is important to focus on the bride and groom and not draw attention to yourself. And you’re in luck because there are five simple rules when it comes to dressing for a wedding that you can follow. These rules can apply to any season of wedding and are stress free.

1. Check the dress code on the invitation.
While many invitations don’t say anything at all about a dress code, some are very specific. Some may say it’s a black tie event while others say it’s a beach wedding. Also take note if it is a cultural wedding. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to dress like that culture, but you need to be careful not offend the culture. If the wedding does not specify, then use your best judgement. Has the bride talked about how fancy or not fancy the wedding is? Have any of your close friends that are attending discussed what they are wearing? In the end, if you are still indecisive, it’s always better to overdress than to underdress.

2. Keep it simple.
In the eyes of the bride, this day is about her and her lover. As a guest, your job is to be entertained and enjoy a beautiful day surrounding the idea of true love. Wearing flashy clothing is not what the wedding is about. So do everyone attending the wedding a favor and keep it low key with your outfit choice.

3.Nothing Revealing.
I’m sure your first question is “What is too revealing?”. While a good question, this is the part where your best judgement comes in. If you think your dress is going to attract the wrong kind of attention from others, don’t wear it, hands down. Once again, this day is not about you. I’m not saying to go crazy and cover every part of your body one way or the other. But remember, you need to respect the other guests around you. And revealing outfits will pull their eyes away from what they should be looking at in the first place.

4.Do not wear white.
This is probably the most important rule of all. But while most men would lean back and say this only applies to women, others would beg to differ. Wearing a white collared shirt, white pants, or even worse, a white tux, is just as awful as a woman guest wearing a white dress. Even if white is your color and you have that adorable summer dress you are dying to wear, save it for another occasion. The last thing you need is an angry bride throwing her bouquet at you because she thought you were being disrespectful. So in the end, stay away from white or any color close to it to avoid a headache (no pun intended).

5. The best thing you can wear is your smile.
Cheesy, I know (once again, no pun intended). But the most beautiful thing about a person is their smile. Smiling gives an aurora of confidence and happiness, both which are key for wearing to a wedding. Be happy for the bride and groom and for the adventure they are about to embark on. Be confident in knowing you're beautiful and that no matter what you wear, you’re stunning. Same goes to men too, of course!

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Best Color Ideas for A March Wedding

Not quite winter and not yet spring, choosing colors for your March wedding isn’t the easiest of tasks. The good news is that the old rule of choosing colors according to the season is no more. The new rule is that it is your wedding to do with as you see fit. However, for more traditional brides and grooms, there are some seasonal color that will work well for their March wedding.

Have a peach wedding in March. Select yellows, greens and purple to go with this color. Be careful that you choose true yellows; hints of orange or red would clash.

Go green for your March wedding. This works especially well for a St. Patrick’s Day wedding. Choose a shamrock green when your wedding date is March 17th. Add red and white for contrast.

This color is just perfect for a March wedding. The elegant color just likes the blooms in this season. Blush also works well with the season. 

Have a blue wedding in March. Choose a darker blue that is complemented by gold, silver or pinks. Choose a lighter blue that goes well with yellows, black and cream.

Choose red for your March wedding. Red coordinates well with blues, greens and silver. Some shades of taupe also work well with darker, murkier shades of red.

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How To Style A Navy Blue Dress

Fashion designers generally work with color wheels to develop color palettes for each collection season. Since most women do not have access to these palettes, divide your ensemble into sections -- accessories and/or layered pieces -- to create your own color scheme and style. Choose one garment as your base, such as a navy dress, and switch out each section to create different looks. Select pieces that complement your frock adding a bit of flair and pizzazz to each outfit.

Animal Prints
Leopard, zebra or spotted prints in gray, black or brown color tones also complement the navy dress. Mix these animal patterned tights with the dress. Select the main color from the pattern and match a cardigan with ballet flats to complete a fall-inspired look. Change the look of the dress by cinching the waist with a animal patterned belt or footwear such as mules, pumps or flats.

Bright Colors
Be bright, bold and daring when introducing color to your navy blue dress. Choose one primary color, which consists of red, yellow and blue, and coordinate it with your navy dress. Select pieces, such as shoes, belts or scarves that have one of these primary colors for a mod-inspired look. You can also select secondary colors -- made by mixing two primary colors. For instance, pair a white jacket, a white leather belt with self-tie leather straps, and two-tone navy and white spectator shoes with a bright orange -- a secondary color -- handbag for a pop of color.

Metallic Accessories
Since designer fashions have introduced navy blue as an evening option to the little black dress, pair your navy fancy frock with metallic accessories. Borrow tips from celebrity stylists and dare to wear jewelry and shoes in these shimmery metallic shades to complement your look. For instance, coordinate dangling earrings, a necklace and sling-back pumps in metallic silver tones to complement a navy cocktail dress. As an alternative, pair a gold metallic clutch to complete your look.

Fashion rules that dictate which colors to wear during specific seasons have fallen to the wayside as trendsetters dare to incorporate these taboo colors with daily ensembles. Today, fashion stylists and retail fashion consultants have labeled navy blue as the new neutral. Because of this, stylists pair navy with other neutral colors. Wear a wide brown leather belt around your navy blue dress and complete the look with black shoes and handbag. For an alternative look, wear cream- or khaki-colored pumps and a braided belt to accentuate your waistline.

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How To Dress Appropriately For A Spring Wedding

It's Spring and it's wedding season, you may got a lot of wedding invitations! Dressing appropriately for a spring wedding requires you to consider the formality of the event as well as the often-fluctuating spring temperatures. Strike the right balance and select a venue-appropriate look that keeps you comfortably cool on warm spring afternoons and sufficiently warm on crisp spring nights. Both men and women can find suitable spring wedding attire that leaves them feeling comfortable, confident and celebratory.

Factors to Consider
Several factors will dictate the type of outfit you should wear to a spring wedding. Check out the wedding invitation or couple's wedding website for these details.

Event Time 
An earlier event time calls for more casual attire. Casual spring attire is more appropriate for an afternoon wedding than an evening affair.

The wedding location can also give you insight into the event's formality. For example, guests can dress more casually for an afternoon wedding on the beach than a country club wedding in the evening.

Dress Code 
Check the invitation for a dress code. Black-tie required or optional, for example, calls for men to wear a tuxedo and women to wear floor-length or cocktail dresses. The dress code can clue you in to the formality of the occasion.
Fashion Tips for Women
Women have an array of choices when dressing for spring weddings. At black-tie and formal occasions, choose floor-length gowns or cocktail dresses that hit around the knees.

Embrace color for spring weddings, choosing hues of aqua, powder pink or seafoam green. Showcasing these colors is most appropriate for daytime spring weddings, as evening affairs are often decidedly more formal. For these occasions, go with a deep lavender, navy or wine-colored dress.

Seasonal Accessories
Women attending spring weddings should bring a layer to prepare for potentially changing temperatures. Drape a soft pashmina over the shoulders after the sun sets. Simple cardigans also pair well with spring dresses and deliver the extra warmth you need on crisp evenings. 

No matter if you are a bride, a bridesmaid, mother of the bride/groom, or a wedding guest, you can always find your perfect weddding day outfit here. Check the following wedding day outfits: 


Valentine Sale Dresses You Cannot Miss Out

No matter if you are hanging out with your lover, or having a small party with your single gals, or gathering with your families, spending this romantic day with the one you love is always the right thing to do. But to make your day sweeter, a lovely party dress is a must-have. 
As a popular fashion retailor, eDressit prepared many special promotions for this special day.  There are tons of fashion party wears provided with very lovely prices, just like this day. 
Today I'm going to recommend four styles from this special sale selection, but you can find more at the end of the article. 

1. Embellished Tulle Gown
This dress will be perfect for your stylish occasion. The delicate shimmering hand sewn details will definitely make you a head turner at the party. Fitted silhouette wraps your body in all the right places, tulle skirt finishes this dress beautifully. 

sale price: $119.99

Elegant and modest off shoulder style exposes your shoulders perfectly to show the right amount of sexy. The shiny beads on the bodice add enough sparkling touch. Empire waistline with pleats help you to create a cinched waistline. 

sale price: $29.99

This dress is so versatile and can be wore to many stunning occasions. Wear it as a prom dress, party dress or even a bridesmaid dress. The color is as soft as the flowing skirt. 

sale price: $39.99
was: $98.56

Rock your party in this vintage off shoulder black dress. Vintage is the new sexy. Black is forever classic. How can one say no to this chic number? You'll love the textured fabric and the lovely tea length. 

sale price: $89.99

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Formal Party Dresses with Cap Sleeves

Cap sleeves party dress is one of better choices to be elegant and fashion. It attracts people's eyesights to beautiful caps rather than heavy arms. And it showcases the sweetheart and slender neck. Exquisite designs can make women feminine and elegant.
With beautiful details, dresses are stylish and unique. Colors are diverse, including red, pink, blue, black, grey or others. So, for certain occasion, you can have a huge selections. Now, let's see the fashion silhouette of women formal dresses with cap sleeves in eDressit.

http://www.edressit.com/edressit-elegant-cap-sleeves-beaded-blue-evening-gown-c36152005-_p3923.htmlhttp://www.edressit.com/capped-sleeves-embroidered-applique-party-dress-04160146-_p4318.htmlhttp://www.edressit.com/capped-sleeves-green-embroidered-evening-dress-formal-dress-00153504-_p4150.html http://www.edressit.com/cap-sleeves-sweetheart-peach-formal-dress-evening-dress-00154101-_p4072.htmlhttp://www.edressit.com/cap-sleeves-navy-blue-embroidered-evening-dress-formal-dress-02154705-_p4060.htmlhttp://www.edressit.com/beaded-capped-sleeves-sweetheart-neck-bridal-dress-wedding-gown-01152107-_p4155.html http://www.edressit.com/edressit-cap-sleeves-embroidery-prom-dress-formal-dress-00153305-_p4066.htmlhttp://www.edressit.com/elegant-beige-capped-sleeves-party-dress-cocktail-dress-x04160314-_p4229.htmlhttp://www.edressit.com/edressit-beaded-capped-sleeves-purple-formal-gown-evening-dress-02154606-_p4144.html http://www.edressit.com/cap-sleeves-sweetheart-neck-bridal-dress-floor-length-01150607-_p3863.htmlhttp://www.edressit.com/capped-sleeves-plunging-neck-beaded-formal-dress-36162000-_p4264.htmlhttp://www.edressit.com/embroidered-capped-sleeves-burgundy-long-formal-dress-26161417-_p4373.html
Good selection of unique images on request "cap sleeves party dress". On our portal, we select only part of delightful picture. As a reliable online site you have the opportunity to see many different collections, with fascinating photos at eDressit official site.

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